Volkswagen Technology.

Our customers deserve the very best and with this in mind we have developed technology and features available across the range to improve not only safety but driving comfort, convenience and connectivity. We categorise these features into four disctinct areas; Intuitive Systems, designed to make your driving experience more convenient. Automated Driver Assistance & Safety, offering pioneering technology and systems that automatically assist you and your vehicle to ensure safety. Connectivity, our suite of technologies designed to connect your car to your smartphone and the internet. Finally, our Parking & Proximity systems aid you with obstacles around you using radars and sensors. Find out more information about our technology features below.

Intuitive Systems

Our technologies are designed to make your driving life simple, we call it intuitive usability. Technologies that assist you and make sense. Whether it's Light Assist, which automatically switches between your high and low beams by monitoring oncoming traffic, or Head Up Display, which brings important driving information onto the windscreen in the driver's field of vision, we have the perfect suite of technologies available to assist you on your day-to-day drive. Discover more below.

Automated Driver Assistance & Safety

At Volkswagen we take your safety extremely seriously. That's why we build our cars to offer you unrivalled safety and driver assistance features. We have systems that automatically guide your steering wheel to keep you in lane. Or with Front Assist & City Emergency Braking, your vehicle will automatically brake if it senses a collision. Our vehicles can even come equipped with Fatigue Detection, where the system monitors your driving style and alerts you if it detects a fatigued or tired driving style. Find out more about our driver assistance systems below.

Parking & Proximity

We have a range of advanced systems to help you park and manouevre your car easily and safely. From the easy-to-use electronic parking brake and Auto hold function, to rear view camera, parking sensors and Park Assist, you'll find it a breeze to stop and park your Volkswagen with minimum effort. Find out more below.